A 4-days Value Awareness programme was organized during the United Nations Road Safety Week held on 8 to 14 May 2017 by the Brahma Kumaris Office UN together with the Police Traffic Unit of Rodrigues. This programme was held in the vicinity of the Capital City, Port Mathurin - at the bus station, Mauritius Commercial Bank square, Solidarity Street and near Mont Lubin Market.

The aim of this activity was to sensitise drivers to be more careful and calm on the road.

The Brahma Kumaris were accompanied by Police traffic officers in different congested regions to stop vehicles while drivers were briefed on the event. Brochures on the awareness programme and slogan ‘Slow down’ and virtue cards were distributed to them to enable inner stability while driving. There was a very good response among the drivers and the police officers were very cooperative.

There was coverage of this programme by both local radio and television and we got a very positive feedback. Hence the Police Traffic Unit is eager to collaborate with any future Bk activities.