The period 1975-1980 was the foundation phase of the University in Mauritius. The policy was to familiarize the masses about the aims and objectives of the University and to train a nucleus of local souls to be responsible for the dissemination of its teachings to the Mauritians.

The methods to fulfill the above were:-
• Introductory courses, exhibition and slide shows on Divine Knowledge and Raja Yoga Meditation;
• Through media - newspapers, radio and television to sensitize people about the teachings of the University;
• Organisation of local seminars and workshops on topical issues with the help of experienced facilitators from branches of the University Worldwide ;
• Celebration of the main religious festivals with emphasis on their spiritual significance.

The regular students were sustained through daily classes on Godly knowledge, special
classes on inculcation of divine virtues, active participation in intense meditation sessions and utilization of their inherent skills and talents in the godly service of mankind.


• The Headquarters of the University in Mauritius was inaugurated in 1987 and is located at the Brahma Kumaris Lane in Quatre Bornes.
• The regional branch for the central and southern part of the island is in Curepipe since 1982.
• The Global Harmony House in Flacq is the regional centre for the eastern part of the island since 1984. The Palmar Retreat House was inaugurated in 1998.
• Godly service started in Port Louis in 1984 leading to the establishment of an Inner Space meditation centre in the heart of the Capital City in 1996. The main branch for the north and Port Louis, the Global Peace House is located at Khoyratty and was inaugurated in 1993.
• A main centre is operated at Rose Belle since 1995.
• A branch of the University was opened in Rodrigues Island in 1997.
• In addition, 15 sub-centres are fully supported by the main centres.



• Official Dedication Ceremony at three instances in 1983, 1990 and 2004 where Mauritian sisters pledged to devote their life for the spiritual uplift of mankind. These sisters are responsible for main branches of the University in the island.


Million Minutes Of Peace Appeal

In 1986, during the International Year of Peace, the University launched the Million Minutes of Peace Project, which gathered over one billion minutes of peace in the form of prayer, meditation and positive thoughts.
Mauritius with the significant participation of the students donated some 6 millions minutes of Peace. The Brahma Kumaris received from the United Nations seven Peace Messenger Awards.


Global Co-operation for a Better World

The Global Co-operation for a better World Project was launched from the House of Parliament in London in April 1988. The Project sought to increase co-operation and understanding between nations, communities and individuals gathering over hundred of thousand of people in 129 countries.
On the day of the national launch, a monument of the globe on 5 pillars was unveiled in the complex of the University of Mauritius by 5 ambassadors representing the five continents and the national patrons. The national patrons were the then Governor General, the Prime Minister and the Leader of Opposition. The National Patron of the Project was the then President of the Republic of Mauritius, Mr. Cassam Utteem.


Sharing our values for a better world

In September 1994, the University launched its third international project, Sharing our Values for a Better World. The project aimed to raise awareness of core spiritual values and the development of those values at both individual and collective level.


Culture of Peace

The year 2000 was proclaimed as the International Year of the Culture of Peace and the period 2001 and 2010 as the International Decade for the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the children of the world by the United Nations. A group of Nobel Peace Prize laureates designed Manifesto 2000, a document to enable individuals to respect the core values in the UN Charter.

In Mauritius, a National Advisory Committee was set up to implement the project. The patron was the then President of the Republic, Mr Cassam Uteem. A whole series of activities was organised with the help of the Forces Vives both in Mauritius and Rodrigues. The grand finale took place at the State House in September 2000 with the active participation of the municipalities and district councils, which presented floats on the values emphasized in the Manisfesto.

The first two projects, Million Minutes of Peace Appeal and Global Co-operation for a Better World have helped to raise the status of the University in the island and made to become a respected Spiritual Organisation carrying respect from all quarters.