Yoga across the world

 Yoga is perhaps the most important gift that India has given the rest of the world. - Sr. Jayanti, UK

Yoga is the sweetest form of the relationship between I the soul and God, the supreme source of love and peace. - Sr. Moira Lowe, Argentina

Yoga has taught me who I am and how to enjoy a deep union of love with God. - Br. Charlie Hogg, Australia

Yoga is the loving method to connect with One, the Source of Peace, Power, Purity and Wisdom. - Sr. Marta Matarin, Spain

Yoga means mental connection. Raja means sovereign. Raja Yoga, therefore, is the sovereign connection or the connection that makes us self-sovereigns - Br. Ken O’Donnell, Brazil

Yoga is a spiritual link of man with the self, world and God. - Sr. Sudha, Russia

Yoga is the easy way home to peace, harmony & balance: it signifies alignment with one’s own eternal nature and the unlimited, unconditional nature of God ensuring that not only do we live in the light of God’s love, but we become channels of that exact same light to heal our world. - Sr. Caroline Ward, Chile