The Protector

I am most grateful to the faith I have developed after becoming God’s Child. For me, connecting to the Supreme Source is to be armed with a divine golden shield of protection against any adversity; a shield, which not only makes one more beautifully powerful just by accessing it through Remembrance; but also, one, the magic shine and glow of which suffice in neutralizing effects of harmful visions.

By mirroring back the light and beauty within each and everyone, such double-sided shield protects both the opponent and myself against negativities, thus disarming - and also illuminating - the so-called opponent without the least application of harshness, at the same time, allowing us to confront and win over our true enemy which is Maya (illusion).
Hence, connection with God allows us to go beyond the illusion of duality and embrace the vision of oneness.

– Reesta Jhurry